Welcome Glazers!

Well, hello Glazers! I’m Munira Bamadhaj, the person behind Glazed, the ultimate baking destination! Before we get started, I feel like I should warn you – I’m incredibly fascinating (well I am in my head).

Back in 2014, I started Glazed, in an attempt to sell my bakes, from the humble brownies to fluffy cinnamon rolls, it later became known for its scrumptious custom-made cakes. I was a fondant ninja, a 3D sculpting wizard, and a cake decorating guru – the ultimate triple threat! My cakes were well loved and request kept pouring in until the likes of Madam President and Ministers in Singapore and Royalties in Malaysia had a taste of them. I was blessed for all the opportunities that came my way.

But like all artists, I wasn’t content with just baking cakes. I’m into pushing boundaries and take on more than I can handle, but it usually turns out great. In 2021, I decided to take my skill to the internet, where I share my scrumptious recipes and cake decorating tutorials with over 200,000 of our Facebook followers. As if that wasn’t enough, I’m also one of the founding member of the Facebook group ‘Glazed, Baked & Frosted,’ where we’ve built a community of over 14,000 members who share their baking creations and inspire each other.

Now, hold onto your oven mitts, because I’m taking the baking world by storm yet again! In a message by Duff Goldman to Glazed on our 100K followers video… “Don’t just stick to making recipes. Go where your mind wanders and your followers will wanna follow you there.” So here I am, launching my own line of baking and cooking supplies, designed to make your kitchen life easier and more aesthetically pleasing. These are not your run-of-the-mill products, mind you. I’ve personally ensured that they’re not only functional but also capable of solving most of your kitchen conundrums!

So, if you’re looking to bake like a pro or whip up a gourmet meal without breaking a sweat, you need my baking and cooking supplies in your life! I’ve got you covered, and I’m not stopping anytime soon!