1 pack (18 Sheets) Filo Pastry

250g Salted Butter

250g-350g Coarsely Ground Pistachio

*You may substitute with Walnut

Sugar Syrup:

300g Sugar

200g Water

2 tsp Lemon Juice

I’m doing a less sweet version. You can increase the sugar syrup by 1.5x for a traditional version.

Baklava by Glazed.sg

Baking Instruction:

Pan Size: 11″ Round Pan

Bottom Layer: 13 Layers

(2 whole circles + 9 layers of scraps + 2 whole circles)

Top Layer: 14 Layers of whole circles

Temperature: 180°C

Time: 35-40 minutes

Watch Full Recipe Video Here: https://fb.watch/hUL-r6Bh5Z/

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