750g Egg Yolks (36pcs)

150g Fine Sugar

454g Wijsman Butter

60g Condensed Milk

150g Fine Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

70g Cake Flour

50g Milk Powder

1/2 tsp Baking Powder

1 Tbsp Layer Cake Spice

Kek Lapis Rempah by

Baking Method:

• Makes one 8″x8″ square pan

• Preheat you pan for 2 minutes

• 1st Layer: 180°C Top Bottom Heat – 10 mins on middle rack

• 2nd Layer onwards: 180°C Top Heat – 5 mins per layer

• If using grill setting, use power 2 – 2 minutes per layer

• Move to lower third rack after 10 layers

• After last layer has browned, cover the top

Final Bake: Top Bottom Heat 180°C – 20-25 mins


1. I weight my batter at 85g per layer

2. Deflate the batter by mixing it if it has too many air bubbles. Makes it easy to spread.

3. Rotate pan when necessary to get even browning

4. Keep you eye on the cake. My timing is a guide, so your oven may take less than 5 mins.

5. The higher the layer the faster it will brown

6. Cake become more moist as you keep it. When freshly baked, it can feel abit dry.

My shortcomings:

– I underbaked my cake at the final stage, for only 12 mins, so my cake deflated alot. Stick to 20-25 mins. My cake was still moist tho.

– I also forgot to press some layers causing it to be uneven.

– If you use fresh or chilled eggs, your batter will be runnier and easier to spread out. Mine were thawed frozen yolks and didn’t spread as well as I wanted.

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