500g Sugar

90g Water

375g Salted Butter

3 Eggs

500g Mixed Dried Fruit

2 tspVanilla Extract

450g Plain Flour

1½ tsp Baking Soda

½ tsp Cream of Tartar

½ tsp Salt

Steam on high for 4 hours

Pan Size: 8″x8″

Follow video for method.


– The colour of your caramel will determine the colour of your cake but careful not to go too dark as it will turn bitter

– Add eggs only when mixture is cool. I added at the end, but it’s harder to mix in.

– Cover with aluminium foil with a dome to prevent water dropping on the center of the cake

– Steam on high. Refill with boiling water if using stove top steamer.

– Electric streamers are not as powerful and may result in sunken middle. But its still doable.

– Do not open or peak during steaming

– Once done, keep the foil on and place your pan on a wired rack overnight

– Next morning, unmould, clingwrap and store in room temp.

– Do not cut the cake immediately as it will be crumbly and dry. We need to let the moisture distribute.

– A good tip by a follower is to flip the cake daily to get even distribution of moisture throughout the cake.

– Best to cut after 3-4 days, better yet after 1 week. Use a good sharp knife to cut.

– Keep at room temperature. These cakes can last for 3 months

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