Material: Silicone
Color : Deep Magenta
Brand : Glazed
Size : 21-28cm
Quantity: 6 Pieces

• CAREFULLY CRAFTED with CONSIDERED MATERIALS: One of the best things about Glazed silicone spatula kitchen utensils is its ability to withstand heat safely. Each spatula is heat-resistant up to 230 degrees Celsius and won’t melt (even if left in the pot for a while) or impart anything to food even at those extreme temperatures. Exposure to such heat can permanently damage low grade rubber spatulas or plastic spatula but our spatula head won’t even become knicked or warped.
• EASY CLEAN SEAMLESS DESIGN: Each baking spatulas has a stainless-steel core, so it’s remarkably durable, non-slippery with a comfortable grip. It has a seamless silicone design which is a major plus as there aren’t any cracks or ridges to catch food or harbour anything that makes it super easy to clean and use. It doesn’t retain odours or colours. After completing your baking or cooking task, simply chuck the spatulas in dishwasher to give it a deep clean and then hang them from the punched holes.
• SPECIFIC DESIGN: This carefully designed Glazed spatula set includes Curve, Straight, Mini, Spoonula, Jar and Brush are the best minimalist kitchen essentials that come with every spatula a new or experienced baker could need to whip up some delicious food. From frosting cakes, scraping batter, Heavy sticky and soft mixing, butter icing, flipping pancakes, scooping dough, to getting the last bit out of the jar done with these well-balanced, functional, and stylish tools that also add a pop of colour to your kitchen.
• FLEXIBILITY: Our vibrant large and small spatula set for non-stick cookware feels good in the hand, and has a flexible head that scrape bowls and pots easily. Excellent for use on non-stick cookware, pans or bake ware because they won’t scratch the coating unlike ordinary ones. This makes them very user-friendly when dealing with your expensive non-stick pot surfaces.
• OUR GLAZED SPATULA SET: 230°C to -40°C Heat Resistant Spatulas for Cooking | High Grade Silicone Rubber | Easy Clean in Dishwasher | Stain and Odour Resistant | 6-Piece including Curve Spatula, Straight Spatula, Mini Spatula, Spoonula Spatula, Jar Spatula, Brush | Super Strong Handle for Heavy Task with Comfortable Grip | Soft Head Tip for Non-Stick Cookware | Elegant Packaging for Gift

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