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Material: High Grade Silicone – BPA Free Plastic

Color : Clear – White – Deep Magenta

Brand : Glazed

Capacity : 2 cups / 500ml

Size : 8cm x 8cm x 15.5cm

Quantity: 1 unit

CRAFTED FOR CONVENIENCE: Simplify your ingredient measuring process with our Glazed Adjustable Measuring Cup, a versatile tool that effortlessly measures liquids, dry, and semi-solid ingredients, eliminating the need for multiple measuring cups.

PREMIUM FOOD SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Our adjustable measuring cup is meticulously crafted from ABS and SAN plastic and is BPA-Free, along silicone components, ensuring durability and food-grade safety. It’s unique dark magenta finish adds a touch of bold sophistication.

OPTIMAL SPACE UTILIZATION: Say goodbye to cluttered kitchen drawers. Our measuring cup is designed to maximize space efficiency, as it covers a wide measuring range from 1/8 cup to 2 cups, accommodating all your measurement needs in one compact tool.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The clear outer sheath features easy-to-read markings for cups, ounces, and milliliters, for both dry and wet ingredients, facilitating quick conversions and measurements. Simply pull the plunger down to the desired measurement and add your ingredient effortlessly.

CARING FOR YOUR CUP: To maintain its pristine condition, detach the outer clear plastic and hand wash the measuring cup with warm soapy water and dry promptly.

MEASUREMENT: It measures 8cm x 8cm x 15.5cm, offering a generous 2 cup capacity.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 cm


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