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Treat yourself to this elegant high-capacity digital kitchen scale that comes in our Glazed Signature Dark Magenta. The stainless-steel surface makes cleaning a breeze. It comes in 4 units that allows you to use directly for recipes with Metric or Imperial weight. The large surface and TARE function lets you load and reset the scale until all individual items are measured out. The tilted display lets you weigh large bowls without blocking the view of the screen. This is a Glazed iconic item that one must have to equip their kitchen.

Colour: Magenta
Material: Stainless Steel & ABS
Brand: Glazed
Dimension: 17.2cm x 4.3cm x 5cm
Weight: 490grams
Content: 1pc Digital Scale + 3xAAA Batteries

• BATTERY INSTALLATION: Open the battery compartment at the back and remove the protective tab for the 3XAAA battery.

• OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Place the scale on a flat, solid surface. Press the [TARE] button located on the front panel. The display will show “0”.

• TARE FUNCTION The tare function allows you to set the scale to zero at any moment and to weigh different ingredients without removing those already weighed. Press the [TARE] button located on the front panel. The display will show “0”. Press the [TARE] button again to get the zero on display. (if you press TARE button again, the scale will turn off.) Weigh the second ingredient.

• Press the [UNIT] button to select the unit: g/ml/fl.oz/lb:oz

• OVERLOAD The message “EEEE” indicates an overload.

• LOW BATTERY The message “LO” indicates an low battery.

• WARNING! Your scale does not require any specific maintenance. Handle your scale with care, as it is a precision instrument, i.e. never expose it to extreme temperatures, moisture, dust and direct sunlight. Do not drop the scale or knock on it. Keep your scale away from hot appliances, such as oven, stove, etc. Clean your scale with a damp cloth, never use abrasives or solvents. Do not overload the scale. Keep the appliance out of the reach of children. The scale is only for household use. This item is food safe!

• SPECIFICATIONS 3XAAA batteries for scale – Weighing Capacity:10kg – Units: g/ml/fl:oz/lb:oz

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